Mosaics is a very different, but highly rewarding art form to gain experience of, and one that is very suitable for people of all ages and abilities. The luminoisity and beauty of the tiles nearly always produces results that will amaze and delight their creator.

I have now led more than twenty Mosaic-based projects with schools and community groups, working with children from as young as five years old to adults. On these projects the size of the group involved has ranged from five to fifty participants.

The projects have included large murals in which the whole group has participated or the creation of smaller individual pieces. Browse the gallery below and visit the past projects page to learn more.

From my experience I can suggest a range of projects to fit different timescales and budgets - from introductory workshops lasting a couple of hours, to longer term projects with weekly participation over a school term or year. Email me with your ideas or suggestions for mosaic projects you would like to undertake.

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